Three Benefits of Adding More Collagen To Your Diet

Are you eating enough collagen?

Are you eating enough collagen?

Collagen is found in gelatinous meats and the skin of animals. While many people are turned off by collagen, eating collagen is incredibly good for health. By eating more collagen, you may experience the following benefits (in addition to weight loss when eaten as part of a ketogenic diet!):

It Improves Sleep

According to some studies, collagen can actually improve sleep quality and reduce daytime sleepiness. A cup of homemade grassfed bone broth should do the trick.

Your Joints Will Thank You

Collagen is essential for maintaining the health of your joints. If you have experienced an injury, collagen is even more of a necessity. In athletes, collagen supplements have been found to reduce joint pain.

It Helps Wounds to Heal

Another benefit of collagen is that it helps wounds to heal faster.

Eat More Collagen

So, how does one go about eating more collagen? As stated above, eating gelatinous meats (ribs, oxtail, marrow) is one way. You can also buy a gelatin power and add it to things when cooking, such as a sauce. Of course, drinking bone broth is also great!

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