About Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom is a pioneering physician, committed to providing safe, convenient, effective, and practical solutions for his patients near and wide.

As a member of the generation of physicians whom created the specialty of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Tom learned that much of good medicine was common sense, a strong listening ear, and good resource management.

Dr Tom Yarema & Eat Taste HealAfter 11 years of full-time Emergency Medicine in inner cities, rural enclaves, suburban hospitals, and in foreign relief work, Dr. Tom realized the greater challenge facing medicine was the treatment of chronic disease.

Finding predominantly symptomatic treatment of chronic disease in the Western Allopathic model, Dr. Tom broadened his training to include Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition, Environmental Medicine, and Spiritual Healing. He retired from Emergency Medicine and established the first cash-based MD private practice of general medicine in Hawaii in 1996.

His own personal health challenge, a sudden diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes at age 41 with no family history, propelled him into ‘disease reversal’ rather than merely treatment. Through bridging the medical sciences of Western Biochemical Nutrition, and the medical dietology of TCM and Ayurveda, he reversed his condition and it remains so now 16 years later.

Remaining integral to his research on diet and lifestyle, bringing the ancient wisdom from TCM and Ayurveda into the modern science of Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Tom began testing the application of his tenets. Patient success led to the self-publication of a 7 time national award winning patient guidebook & cookbook, Eat-Taste-Heal, now in its 8th printing having sold over 40,000 copies.

Committed to research and education, as well as attending patients, Dr. Tom has become a co-formulator of 5 natural wellness products grossing more than $100M worldwide, served as large-stage health educator to audiences of 4,600, and is the founder of the Internet’s first Obesity and Type 2 diabetes reversal program, GetYourBodyBack.

When not attending patients in “Virtual Clinics”, he continues his private practice in Soquel, California, and enjoys riding bikes to the beach with his two children, aged 9 and 7, and his wife, Sumer Joy, co-founder and CEO of GetYourBodyBack.org.