Testimonials *(results may vary from person to person)

The following are quotes and testimonials from real participants of the Get Your Body Back program.


“Just a few short weeks ago (before I started my program), I was undergoing extensive blood tests, Dr. visits, and the diagnosis that due to genetics, I will always have the struggle with my weight, activity levels and ability to feel well.  I am so grateful that this program is proving them wrong, and I don’t want anything to interfere with my chance at health.” *(results may vary from person to person)




“I’m down about 5.5 lbs, which means I’ve averaged the 2.5 and sometimes 3 lbs since I started 6 weeks ago, and I’m down 15 lbs in 6 weeks. What really works for me in that I’m not obsessing about food or eating dry vegetables and salads. I’m well on my way to 100 lbs by around mid or late January, which would be a month short of my anniversary of my lap band surgery, and I think that would be really neat.” *(results may vary from person to person)


“When I first started the program and had visions of 7 lbs a week (and wanted to lose 120 lbs), I told myself, “this is only four months out of my life”. Then reality set in that I would be lucky to get more than three lbs a week. Now having completed six months and looking at another two before I’m at my goal weight, I still tell myself, “this is SUCH a short part of my life”. And given the fact that it took years for me to get to where I was, I’m grateful every day that the pounds are coming off so quickly and relatively easily, without drugs.”  *(results may vary from person to person)


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“I wasn’t on the call last night as I was at a “work” event.  It was held at the Capital Grille, in the private Wine Room.  There were platters of seafood on the table as we arrived and spectacular wines.  I had a glass of lemon water and two shrimp.  And, I was really OK!!  When it came time to order, I was able to tell the waiter what I wanted without looking at the menu – I had looked online during the day, and even called to make sure that the sautéed spinach was only sautéed with olive oil and garlic.  I had a delicious filet mignon, and before I started to eat, I estimated what my portion looked like, cut the remainder off, and put it on my husband’s plate.  I was shockingly not tempted by the bread basket, and when all was said and done after the meal, I wasn’t even tempted by the platters of dessert.  I asked for a nice cup of black decaf to keep my hands busy – I had already drank more glasses of water than I could even count.

There are lots of ways to measure success ….. sometimes I am just happy for having made it!” *(results may vary from person to person)




“Sometimes it’s the little things that are a big win. Like John’s post about buying a “small”. Yesterday I hit a milestone. I’ve been replacing my wardrobe and enjoying the fact that MANY clothes now fit, which means I don’t have to buy something just because it fits, but I don’t really love it. I went to TJMaxx last night (a local discount chain) and found that I am officially out of the “Plus” sizes where I have spent the great majority of my adult life, minus a few years here and there. I can now wear a women’s XL, (and they will look even better in about two weeks.) This opens up a lot of choice which previously wasn’t there. (Now, if only GYBB worked for my size 11 feet…) :-)

I had to buy new winter coats and jackets too, and I also have to remind myself that it’s highly possible I will have to replace these as well before the end of the winter.” *(results may vary from person to person)


“I know I’m jumping the gun on my usual Wednesday post, but I had to share a real win today.

Over the months I’ve had to buy new pants and shirts on a regular basis. Pants started at 42 and are now at 32. Shirts started at XXL and are now M. But I’ve continued to wear the same XXL fleece jacket.

Today I went to Ross and bought a SMALL!!! It fits me nicely and really shows off all the work I’ve done.

This DOES harken back to one of my older posts about size inflation, but still…

I’m feeling AWESOME!!!

Stay on the train (I’m borrowing a metaphor here ;->); it works!” *(results may vary from person to person)



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“I haven’t gone off program, but it’s the first day I’ve really seriously wrestled with desires for different foods.

It was also, not coincidentally I’m sure, a difficult day of facing unpleasant financial realities including a few nasty surprises. I was very hungry just three hours after breakfast, and decided to take myself for my lean and green for lunch right then, instead of having it for dinner, and earlier than I often eat. They by late afternoon I felt ravenous again. I got home at 5:30 (early for me) and tried drinking half a chocolate shake, which became the full thing. Then I spent an hour prepping vegetables, and was relieved as the satiety from the drink kicked in. I enjoyed the vegetables and was completely satisfied.” *(results may vary from person to person)




“Still, as Tom was saying, we’re past the 50% mark. He said “there’s no turning back” after a certain point, and I think that’s partly true, and also partly not.  Many years ago I did the Master Cleanser fast, 10 days of lemon juice+maple syrup etc. and I bagged it at 9 days. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was way past 50%. But I was also doing it alone without support. Friends of mine who’d done it had done it as a group.

When Tom was talking this week about his triathlons etc, it got me thinking about my work with people on motivators, and what motivates me. Tom is clearly a “Challenge” Driver, as we say in my work, motivated by big, seemingly impossible challenges and driven to accomplish them.

As I coach managers, “that which motivates you is not necessarily what motivates others, unless they happen to share your Driver.” Challenge is not my Driver at all—mine are very different, and I don’t respond to Challenge driven language a lot, which is probably why the whole “percentage of your goal” thing doesn’t have a lot of motivational energy to me.  So I need to frame my motivation for this process differently.

One of my biggest motivators is Social Contribution. And I know that succeeding here is a contribution in many ways to others…from role modeling something, to including the fact that when people don’t have to “get past” something about you, it makes getting your message across easier. Sometimes. (although Oprah Winfrey has demonstrated that that is not necessarily true.)

But what I do know at the moment is that I’m driven to stick with it because of the power of my word. Because I said I would. And because it’s working.

Last night when we did “gratefuls”, I said that I was grateful that I was within 18 lbs of a 100 lb weight loss in less than a year (there’s a percentage for you), and what I was grateful for was that a year ago I couldn’t lose 3 lbs. Then I lost 115 lbs when I was 38-40 years old, it literally took me triathaloning. I would spend half a day at the gym every day. 30 minutes swimming; 40-60 on nordic track; a round of weights; then 20 minutes on a treadmill or bike. And with all that work and a lot of careful eating, I still had a real ceiling on my weightloss between 160 and 170. As soon as I couldn’t work out at that level, the weight started creeping on. Even walking 90 min to 2 hours a day wasn’t enough. So 15 years later, I was fairly hopeless.

That I have lost this much weight without more than a few walks a week and continue to do so is something I’m really really grateful for. To say I didn’t think it was possible is an understatement. I was hoping for maybe 50 lbs in a year from my Lap Band surgery. Now I have good reason to expect that I will hit the 100 lb mark well before my surgery anniversary. And that will be because of this program.

So thanks to Tom and Sumer for putting it out there and going for the Challenge.” *(results may vary from person to person)



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“Dr. Tom did talk to our group (months ago) about the subject of “going off”.

One was specifically on the topic of drinking wine.

Another was more of a “falling-off-the-horse”, attending a wedding, having “real” food and wedding cake.

His feedback was just get back on program as soon as possible.

He did not mention any “dangerous” consequences, liver or other organ.

But I do fully expect to lose most or all of the week and maybe have weight gain.

He also talked about the proper transition from Phase I to Phase II to Phase III to Phase IV to prevent rebound. Of course I’ll be temporarily jumping straight to Phase IV… the rest of my life.

This will cause my pancreas to immediately start producing much more insulin then I have been doing to digest my daily protein/fat/carbs. This may lead to tiredness or other symptoms. I’ll be on the lookout for these.

One other thing he talked about was the impossibility to REALLY gain multiple number of pounds from a single meal/day. His point was that in order to gain one lb., you must consume 3500 calories above the amount you burn that day.

Any sudden weight gain can more likely be explained by exiting ketosis (gain 5-7 lbs. of water plus glycogen in the muscles) or just water retention fluctuations.

Hopefully I won’t be consuming 5000 calories that day (assuming that I typically burn 1500 calories a day), so my total “real” weight gain should be under one lb.

Then I’ll have to wait until my body again switches back into ketosis.” *(results may vary from person to person)




“One of my go-to restaurants is Outback Steakhouse. I order the 6 oz. filet. I ask them to prepare it with olive oil instead of butter. I get it either grilled or over a wood fire. For my sides, I get a salad of just lettuce and cucumbers. I request lime wedges from the waiter/waitress and do that plus salt and pepper as my dressing. The Olive Oil packets that other people on this forum use would also be great. For my other side I do the steamed broccoli without butter. I often wind up using the lime, pepper and salt on the meat as well as the broccoli. $18.99.” *(results may vary from person to person)




“One of the injunctions as you get a little further in is that when it comes to veggies and greens, “the bitterer the better.” I have re-discovered some old friends (collard greens) and old love/hate relationships  (dandelion greens). I have found that blanching or parboiling (or steaming) the greens first before a quick sauté takes some of the bitter taste away (although with dandelion, that seems to be hit or miss depending on the bunch). Anyway, it works will for chard, kale, and any other green.

I like to sauté the greens with a lot of garlic and then experiment with adding any (or all!) of the following; cumin seeds or cumin powder, asafetida (Indian spice, mild but very flavor-enhancing, use very little), celery seed, coriander seed and Chinese Five Spice powder.  I like to add sautéed mushrooms to any of the greens. Chanterelles are in season now, and it feels so decadently rich to indulge myself in them. I keep some that are sautéed with garlic in the fridge and add them to the omelet mix in the morning. (Same goes for any variety of mushroom). We’re not supposed to sauté onions because of the caramelization, and I’m assuming that’s true of the other related things like green onion and leeks. What I do is with leeks is slice them very thin, steam them and keep them too for tossing in omelets, with other vegetables or into the soups. Powdered dulse (seaweed) is a great flavor enhancer also.

With cauliflower I steam and then sauté with garlic and turmeric. The other night I did that and tossed in shrimp.  Yummy!” *(results may vary from person to person)




“At this point I have completed 16 weeks on the program, lost 24 pounds (which is seven more than I originally planned), am down two sizes in clothing and am very pleased with my new shape.  The whole program has been an interesting journey in self reflection.  i.e.  How did I get to where I was and what sorts of changes have taken place in me in the last four months.

Initially, I doubted that I would lose all the weight I wanted to since I have tried many times and failed.  This was dispiriting, to say the least.  With the coaching and check in protocols established by Dr. Tom I was able to discipline myself to follow the program quite closely and achieve the longed for results.

Encouraged by the various telephone conference calls I have reflected on how self image contributes to my sense of being able to accomplish my goals, and not just the successful navigation of the diet.  The success one achieves early on in the program is a powerful incentive to continue when “program fatigue” sets in.  Doing the program with my husband has also contributed greatly to both of us succeeding in surpassing our goals.

Inwardly, I was ready to make some changes in my life, having embarked upon a “five year plan” this past January.  While losing weight was not on the list, the opportunity presented itself and is a welcome change from always being somewhat overweight.

I do feel empowered by what I have learned about eating and foods.  At this point I am not nearly as tempted by carbohydrate laden foods as in the past.  I have developed a hunger for vegetables that comes close to craving them.  My digestive system seems more “peaceful” in that there are fewer ups and downs in the digestive processes.  Alcohol is a pleasant taste and pleasure but not so much a necessity as in the past.

Graduation from active participation in the diet plan is symbolic of the changes I wanted to make in my life.  Success here has encouraged me to keep moving forward to see what else presents itself for consideration.

Thank you Dr.Tom for developing Get Your Body Back and making it so accessible and achievable.

I’m a new person!” *(results may vary from person to person)



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