Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Get Your Body Back Program?

GYBB is a 16 week MD-directed weight loss program that promotes rapid, effective, and permanent fat loss and may also alter many medical complications associated with being overweight, such as Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, Gastroesophageal Reflux, Arthritis pain, Gout, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Erectile Dysfunction, Infertility  and slow metabolism.

What and how often do I eat on the Program?

Participants eat a minimum of 4 times a day.  Three of your meals in phase 1 will be irresistibly delicious Get Your Body Back meal choices @ $4.29 ea, and one of those meals is accompanied with a salad or cooked vegetables PLUS Each day at lunch or dinner you can choose a lean and green meal (protein + vegetable from the preferred food list).

Who is Get Your Body Back designed for?

Adults who have gained weight, or have not succeeded in permanently reducing their fat stores. Recommended if you want to lose 10lbs or more.  Pre-existing conditions welcome and individualized care is available.

How much weight will I lose?

Although results may vary for each individual *(results may vary from person to person), participants routinely lose an average of 15-50 pounds of fat during the 16 Week Program series.

Is it safe to lose that much weight, that quickly?

YES…. the newest research shows rapid weight loss is highly more effective and successful long-term than slower weight reduction methods. Dr. Yarema personally oversees every participant’s progress, every step of the way.


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What if I don’t want to lose that much weight, but just want to get rid of my Cellulite?

Get Your Body Back is the most effective, non-surgical, treatment of Cellulite Dr. Yarema has found in his 28 years of experience.

What if I have more than 20-50 pounds to lose?

No problem. We have many participants successfully losing over 100 pounds. *(results may vary from person to person) . Dr. Yarema has designed appropriate Continuing Education and Support for participants needing longer to reach their goal.

I’m allergic to many foods. Can I still do the Program?

Dr. Yarema will discuss food intolerance and food allergies during each participant’s medical qualifying interview and decide if the Program is right for you.

How much exercise must I do?

The Program is designed to work without exercise. While comfortable walking is encouraged, it is not required. If an individual is already exercising, Dr. Yarema will provide appropriate recommendations to ensure the most beneficial results.

What if I’m under doctor’s care for medical conditions?

All potential participants are screened in a medical interview by Dr. Yarema. If necessary, Dr. Yarema will contact your doctor to determine if this Program is right for you.

How do I participate with Live-Interactive and Home Sturdy Programs?

After being screened and medically qualified for participation by Dr. Yarema, you are provided access to attend Dr. Yarema’s TeleSeminars at a regularly scheduled time and day for approximately 60-90 minutes, once a week for 16 weeks. During these weekly ‘virtual clinics’ in the Live-Interactive series, Dr. Yarema provides the appropriate instruction for participants according to where they are in the series, and addresses individual concerns and questions each week. For the Home Study Program participants log in and listen each week to a 60+minute educational and experiential recorded live teleseminar. Further participation is available for Live-Interactive and Home Study via email or on the participant confidential discussion Forum.  Weekly email reminders are also provided as a convenience  for your log and weigh in. Participants are welcome to use the “Online Store” for food to be delivered to their door.


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Do I have to have a computer to participate?

No….not with the Live-Interactive Program Series.  Only a touch tone phone is required to participate on the TeleSeminars, coupled with the ability to send in required documents.  However, access to audio recordings or The Home Study Program series does require internet access. Participants appreciate the convenient Online Store, and confidential Discussion Forum that requires computer access.

What if I’m traveling during the Program?

This Program is highly amenable to traveling participants. Participants can call-in to the TeleSeminars from anywhere with ground line or cell phone services, food can be ordered online and shipped to any location receiving UPS, and the tools of the program are all TSA-compliant for ease of use in airports and transportability on airlines.

I cook for the whole family. Will I have to make separate meals for myself?

If you are already cooking, making your meals will be easy. You will be able to dine alongside your family members without difficulty. Dr. Yarema also provides recommendations and strategies for eating effectively out of restaurants and in various social settings.

I’m a vegetarian, does that matter?

The Program easily accommodates Ovo-Lacto Vegetarians and non-Vegetarians. It is not appropriate for Vegan Vegetarians.

What about the cost?

Suffering from the medical condition of overweight or Obesity is the second most costly health condition in the US. Reversing it permanently is one of the wisest health investments an individual can make. The Program is highly competitive on a Cost per Pound Lost with any program in the U.S., and is more efficient over time than most.

How much is the food?

Unless a participant typically does all-scratch cooking, grows their own vegetables, raises their own chickens, milks their own cows, and slaughters their own meat, the cost of food during the Program is not significantly more expensive than the most conservative home-cooked meals. More than half of our participants remark they actually save money due to less frequent extravagant restaurant meals, deserts, and alcohol. Get Your Body Back meals are of the highest quality ingredients, non-GMO, no fillers and taste irresistibly delicious for “diet food.” Each meal costs $4.29

What kind of support is available to me if I have problems with the Program?

Dr. Yarema’s staff is available via email and phone during regular business hours. In addition, the posts in the confidential Discussion Forum are monitored by Dr. Yarema as well as seasoned participants for timely support.

What kind of support is available after I graduate from the Program?

Because Dr. Yarema is committed to your lifelong success, after graduation you will receive periodic reminders, tips, suggestions, encouragement, and invitations for seasonal check-in’s to keep the lessons of the Program fresh and applicable to your life.

I already take supplements. Do I have to take those in the Program?

Dr. Yarema has hand-chosen the supplements in the Program for their purity, effectiveness, and to ensure they do not block the actions of the Program. Individuals taking large numbers of supplements should discuss what they are taking with Dr. Yarema during their medical qualifying interview.

Are their any drugs involved?

Pharmaceutical weight loss medications are not prescribed during this Program. If a participant is taking prescription medications prior to the Program, Dr. Yarema will review each medication individually and give appropriate recommendations with the support of your doctor. In many cases, a participant’s need for prescription medications are reduced or eliminated during the Program. Dr. Yarema will consult or correspond with your prescribing physician as needed.

What’s required of me to participate?

The Program requires a participant’s fervent commitment to lose stubborn fat quickly, safely, and effectively; and, to experience and learn bodily sensations to self-manage their body so they never have to face overweight and obesity again.


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What is a TeleSeminar?

A TeleSeminar is a regularly recurring, consistently scheduled educational and interactive meeting conducted over phone or internet.

What if I miss a TeleSeminar?

All TeleSeminars are recorded and posted in Your Account on the website for review. Secure login & password is requires to access your recordings.

I’m a Type 1, Insulin Dependent Diabetic. Will this Program help me?

The Program can help individuals with Type 1 Diabetes and sometimes assist in reduction in daily insulin needs. It is not designed to be curative for Type 1 Diabetes.

How can I learn more?

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