Outdoor Activities to Enjoy This Spring That Support Good Health  

Take advantage of all that spring has to offer.

Take advantage of all that spring has to offer.

As the weather begins to warm, there is no better time to soak in sun’s rays and enjoy nature. Here are some fun, family-friendly activities that support good health and longevity:

Have a BBQ

Not only is a BBQ a great social activity (remember, social health is a key part of physical health), but it provides the perfect opportunity to grill up some of your favorite ketogenic foods. Choose fresh fish, steak, burgers, pork, or anything else that suits your fancy. Pair with fresh salad and veggies.

Take Your Dog (or Your Kids) on an Adventure

When was the last time you let your dog explore nature? Have your kids been begging you for an excursion? If either of the above is true, use springtime to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. If you live near greenery, simply go for a walk – if not, hop in the car or on your bike and head to a place that’s removed enough that you can enjoy nature without interruptions.

Get Some Sun

Yep, that’s right – for this one you do not have to do anything but sit and enjoy the sunshine (although some movement would make this a two-fer!). Vitamin D is a key part of health; just don’t stay out so long that you burn.

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