Losing Even a Small Amount of Weight Can Have Big Benefits  


Are you ready to lose weight?

Are you ready to lose weight?

If you’re trying to lose weight and have only had minimal success, don’t get too discouraged: new research shows that even losing a small amount of weight – even just five percent of one’s body weight – has major benefits.

The Benefits of Weight Loss

In a study covered by The New York Times, participants who lost even five percent of their body weight were shown to:

  • Improve metabolic function;
  • Improve insulin sensitivity;
  • Improve triglyceride concentrations;
  • Reduce risk of heart disease; and
  • Reduce risk of developing type II diabetes.

Start the Process of Losing Weight Today

Of course, losing only five percent of one’s body weight is not the goal for most people. But, losing five percent can be a much easier place to start than is losing 10 percent, and is a healthy step in the right direction that could prove to have life-saving benefits.

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