How Does the Sugar in Fruit Affect My Blood Sugar?  

Are fruit sugars different?

Are fruit sugars different?

When people are eating a low carb or ketogenic diet, or are generally trying to lose weight or promote good health, cutting out sugar is a key aspect. But is the sugar in fruit the same as sugars that are found in other foods, like cookies?

Your Body Processes it Differently

The way that your body processes the sugar found in a whole, natural piece of fruit is different than the way that your body processes sugar found in processed foods, like cake or white bread. A big part of this is that fruit is also full of fiber; when you eat sugar and fiber together, the absorption of sugar is slowed. When you eat processed sugars, on the other hand, these foods are not only full of sugars, but are carb-heavy too. This results in the quick absorption of sugar. When the body is forced to do this time and time again, a person may develop type II diabetes.

Just Considering Sugar Is Not Enough

Yes, there is sugar in fruit. But only thinking about sugar content when making a food choice is not enough. You should also think about eating whole foods, which are rich in vitamins and minerals. A piece of fruit a day will certainly not lead to insulin spikes.

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