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Exercising may lower your risk of cancer.

Exercising may lower your risk of cancer.

Scientists have long recognized that those who exercise appear to be at a lower risk of developing cancer than are those who do not. A new study, conducted in mice, may offer some answers: the study suggests that exercise may actually change how the immune system deals with cancer cells.

The Study

In the most recent study, a group of mice was injected with melanoma cells. Then, half of the mice were given a wheel on which to run; the other half remained sedentary in their cases. After four weeks’ time, those mice that were runners were less likely to have developed full-blown melanoma than were the sedentary mice. They were also less likely to develop metastases.

Next, the researchers drew blood from each of the animals. In the exercising group, the found higher levels of adrenaline (to be expected with exercise) and interleukin-6. This is a substance that is release during exercise, and is though to increase and decrease inflammation. Most interesting, however, was that the researchers found higher levels of ‘natural killer cells.’ These immune cells are known to fight cancer.

How it All Connects

After dozens more experiments, scientists concluded that the production of adrenaline was the first step in the process. Adrenaline triggered interleukin-6. Then, when a tumor began to form, the interleukin-6 activated the natural killer cells.

Of course, the study was done in mice. However, it is likely that the process would replicate itself in human subjects.

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