Correct Insomnia By Getting Your Body Moving


The solution to getting more sleep may be as easy as exercising.

The solution to getting more sleep may be as easy as exercising.
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Chronic insomnia is one of the worst disorders to live with; not sleeping leaves you mentally and physically exhausted, can negatively affect your mood and temperament, and can have dangerous long-term repercussions. People who suffer from insomnia often turn to medications, change in habits, over-the-counter drugs, supplements, and more to help; however, one of the most effective solutions may just be to exercise.

Exercise Improves Chronic Insomnia

Research suggests that exercise greatly improves chronic insomnia. In one study, adults suffering from insomnia fell asleep more quickly and stayed asleep for longer periods of time after incorporating exercise over a four to 24 week period.

Why Does Exercise Improve Sleep?

There are many reasons why exercise improves sleep quality. These may include:

  • Exercise affects body temperature – the decrease in body temperature after exercise may induce sleep;
  • Exercise decreases symptoms of arousal, depression, and anxiety; and
  • Exercise may have a positive effect on a person’s circadian rhythms.

Exercise may not be the full solution to why you cannot sleep at night. However, if you are suffering from insomnia, exercise (combined with lifestyle changes) is a positive step in the right directly and may help significantly. To learn more, click the button below now.
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