Dynamic, interactive and passionate, Dr. Tom Yarema’s presentations are informative and easy to understand. Using plain, non-technical instruction spiced with humor, drama and the right dose of truth, he captures his audience and holds their attention.

Presentations: Keynotes, Workshops, Breakouts, Retreats & Seminars, Corporate Events, Networking Groups,
Social Groups, Business Groups, Organizations

  • Bypassing Bypass, Defeating Diabetes, and Escaping Excess Exercise - Get Your Body Back!
    Dr. Tom is passionate about helping people achieve their optimum weight. As a person who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes himself, he understands the need to maintain a healthy weight and stave off the effects a chronic illness. Using this natural weight loss program, he has changed his diagnosis and now lives without the fear of complications or medications. His knowledge is now available to you.
  • Regain and Maintain Your Metabolic Mojo - Get Your Confidence Back!
    Get Your Body Back is more than just a weight loss program, it’s an entryway to better health. Many of our program graduates have reported that they look younger, feel better, and have more energy and vitality. A byproduct of healthy weight loss is the confidence and general sense of well-being that will help you to be successful both socially and in business.
  • The Skinny on Energizing and Expanding Your Customer Base - Get Your Skin Care Business Back!
    Dr. Tom addresses a common condition that results from rapid weight loss, excess skin. He will explain how this can be corrected and show you how you can serve clients in your own salon. Ask us about our great referral bonus program!